Digital Insurance World | London | October 31, 2017

Posted On : 27-Oct-2017

Digital Insurance World London Oct17

Date : 31st October, 2017

Location : etc. St Pauls, 200 Aldersgate Conference Centre, London - EC1A 4HD

Insurance customers - including brokers, agents and corporate clients - are seeking a more relevant and personalised experience demanding choice, convenience and accessibility across all customer touch points. For insurers, this means guiding customers into profitable digital journeys that delivers a highly personalised, contextual and lasting customer experience seamlessly across all brand touch points - be it website, social media, e-mail, postal mail or SMS.

Espire Infolabs, a global technology services company and a Pitney Bowes partner is solving this problem for global insurers, by building actionable customer journey maps to offer our game-changing Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) solution. In this solution, Espire leverages Pitney Bowes’ market leading customer communication platform - ensuring personalised, omni-channel, interactive and automated customer communication. Additionally, Espire leverages their marketing automation and legacy modernisation frameworks while aligning to the digital transformation goals of Insurance companies.

To exchange thoughts on the changing landscape of insurance with the onset of digitisation, heightened customer expectations, connected technologies, big data and GDPR that can deliver impactful and profitable customer experiences, Insurance Post is hosting Digital Insurance World on October 31st at St. Pauls, London. The conference would be attended by CIOs, IT leaders and digital transformation leaders across the globe. The conference includes inspirational keynote speakers, interactive workshops and networking opportunities - addressing the current trends and the pressing challenges of the insurance sector.

Espire is delighted to co-sponsor Digital Insurance World along with partner, Pitney Bowes . This is in line with Espire’s commitment to crafting personalised customer journeys for insurers. Along with Pitney Bowes, Espire will showcase how its customer engagement hub (CEH) enables global insurers to quickly build the competitive edge of compelling customer experience for its clients by ensuring personalised, omni-channel, interactive and automated customer communication.

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