With the ever growing proliferation of technology into the physical world, the ongoing revolution called internet of things is powered by the intelligent orchestration of interconnecting people, things and business together. Millennials are a key driver of the IoT technology, paving the way for nearly every industry to unlock new sources of incremental revenue, renewed business operations and innovative customer experiences.

This highly interconnected ecosystem, progress into real time analytics and enhanced operational performance reveals its own set of challenges that requires a wide range of technological expertise, cost effective global delivery system and a strong partner eco system. For businesses to reap measurable benefits, Espire has set up an advanced digital laboratory leveraging its dedicated IoT centre of excellence and subject matter experts to ensure privacy and security in the connected world.

Through the power of an agile and a collaborative approach, Espire implements an IoT solution framework to determine the strategic rationale for your business to adopt IoT and a cost effective roadmap to surge ahead of competition in the digital age. In addition, our valued partnerships with some of the key technology experts in the world, enables faster time to market and the best possible business solution in the connectivity landscape.


  • Advisory & Consulting Services : We engage, advice and define a return on investment justified IoT roadmap and adoption strategy for your autonomous digital business and choose the right IoT technology stack for you
  • End to End Implementation : We work closely with clients across industries to provide end to end solutions and fulfill your IoT endeavors by leveraging our partner products and technologies
  • IoT Proof of Concept Services : We develop an end to end prototype or pilot project for you to validate your investments
  • Analytics and Insights Services : We help you gain timely actionable insights with self-service dashboards, machine learning and predictive analysis techniques
  • Testing Services : Espire’s comprehensive QA strategy that includes integrated testing for applications, performance testing through volume simulation, contract testing and exploratory testing is driven by our dedicated Testing Centre of Excellence
  • Support & Monitor Services : Leverage our complete spectrum of support services including multi-level (Level 1, 2 & 3) support, incident management and remote monitoring to manage your connected devices

Espire’s IoT Approach

  • Envision
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Manage

Tools and Technologies



  • Drive business agility and quick data driven decision making to generate new revenue models
  • Business process automation results in reduction of overall business and operating costs
  • Harness Espire’s advanced analytics capabilities for smarter, intelligent insights
  • Increase productivity, operational excellence and better supply chain management directly impacts organizational profitability
  • Enhance employee engagement and superior customer experience at every touch point
  • Access our strong partner ecosystem across the IoT solution stack, leveraging IoT software platform leaders like Microsoft and IBM
  • Access Espire’s IoT Centre of Excellence spearheading Espire’s advance digital labs, ensuring privacy and security in the connected world