With the emergence of disparate applications, complex systems and diverse sources of data, overcoming enterprise integration challenges is critical to enable efficiency and agility across different business functions of an organization. Today companies that lead the way in seamless integration of legacy applications, systems and processes will be better equipped to enable better decision making, leverage new business opportunities and drive exceptional customer experience.

Espire Infolabs, a global technology services company is solving integration problems for global businesses, with its transformative Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) to deploy highly robust, stable and scalable integration solutions, on premises and in the cloud. Our approach involves rapidly integrating your front and back office systems, powered by Agile and DevOps practices to deliver complex data integration initiatives, business process management and application integration initiatives.

Our proven SOA, ESB and API based solutions from Oracle, TIBCO, Microsoft BizTalk and MuleSoft, equips us to solve the most complex integration needs of global companies, quickly and cost effectively.


  • Integration Consulting: We conduct an in depth maturity assessment of your technologies, system study and application environment, evaluating the right platform and helping you build the ideal integration roadmap
  • Integration Development and Migration: We design and build integration solutions based on design specifications and architectural review to create a blueprint that is in line with your integration needs
  • Integration Testing: We perform rigorous cost effective testing cycles to ensure seamless connectivity between different applications and systems. Our QA experts ensure governance, quality mechanisms and monitor implementation performance
  • Integration Maintenance and Support: Our maintenance processes enables your systems to effortlessly evolve with your changing business needs with our support services, incident management services and performing enhancements
  • API Management: We help you unleash the power of your digital assets with our fully integrated API lifecycle management services to manage, optimize and secure your API led connectivity

Tools and Technologies

Enterprise applications and infrastructure


  • Increase agility and flexibility, helping you sustain through any disruptions
  • Drive superior customer experience translating into enhanced revenue
  • Empower your business with real time insights across multiple systems
  • Deploy sustainable integrations, leveraging your current application investments
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and ongoing support costs
  • Automate your business processes with rapid integration of your front and back end systems
  • Enable interoperability and collaboration with your employees, clients and partners