Espire offers a highly scalable and flexible set of solutions using the Doxee Platfrom, covering all aspects of customer communications. Starting from data transformation, document design, multi-channel delivery and BI analytics - we have them all mapped for you. Our solutions are cloud based, which means we can offer the best in industry solutions which are tailored to your specific business needs - doing away with all redundant costs for licenses and, the associated infrastructure costs and management.

Managed "Platform as a Service” CCM with Multi Channel delivery

Highly scalable CCM PaaS with a rich set of Data, Message Composition & Output Management tools that will allow you to manage your multi-channel communications and track all your composed messages, from data to destination points.

  • Platform & Collaboration - PaaS enabled personalized services to support business collaboration
  • Self Service content and campaign management - To enable SME's within the business and marketing organizations to change and manage content
  • Data Management, Enrichment- Includes client data extraction, mapping, validation services
  • Staging & Aggregation - Offering data enrichment & consolidation solutions with data driven business rules
  • Document & Message Composition - Layout design, content authoring, document & message formatting, including dynamic HTML documents and personalized videos
  • Batch Production - Process automation with end to end monitoring
  • On-Demand Production - Real-time response to web request to deliver customer documents, based on system or customer interactions
  • Multi-Channel Distribution - Covering all formats such as FTP, Print, Email and SMS
  • Tracking & Reporting - KPI monitoring, custom reporting and message/mail piece tracking
  • Proofing - Document/Message Sign off compliance, prior to distribution
  • Output Management - Spool re-purposing, mail bundling and finishing
  • CCM Management Dashboard - We can offer simplified tools for management collaboration and business impact analysis, with the ability to raise service/change requests, manage assets and view reconciliation, management information & BI analysis reports.
  • Digital Archiving & Compliance Management - Effective solutions for digital assets management, archival, search, indexing and retrieval and integration to customer portal sites.

Interactive Document Production

Design and delivery of intelligent customer correspondence documents designed for staff use in agile business environments, such as contact management centres.

On-Premise CCM Platform

If you prefer on premise management of CCM, then we can support that with offerings designed for your business needs.

Hybrid Mail

Capture desktop correspondence and gain benefits of capturing output for audit purposes and brand management. We can also provide centralized output management all the way to digital or print fulfillment channels, in order to minimize your office MFD costs.

Direct Marketing Campaign

Ad-hoc message composition from design to analytics can be provided to help build relevant, personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

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