Working as an extension of your team, we expertly manage the technology behind the day to day communication process. This enables your staff to focus on core business and pursue innovation in customer content and delivery.. Our Managed Services organization is process driven for excellence in service delivery, agility, scalability and continuous improvements.

Fulfilment Management

Reconcile and manage end to end process - from securely processing your data and applying business logic, layout formatting, output channel choice and delivery status. Optimization of mailing costs will clearly be a key objective and Doxee can support both physical and digital optimization of solutions, including integration with Royal Mail's Mailmark product. We can also offer creative solutions for the delivery of personalised interactive video campaigns encapsulating Social Media streams that support your customer’s digital delivery needs.

Change Management

We provide a Self Serve or Managed Services to efficiently manage changes, relating to message composition and campaign management. We customize these offers to suit your specific needs.


We design support packages that are aligned to our solution offerings. In addition, we can also tailor a support package that will best compliment your specific business needs.

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