Espire understands the necessary focus and support that is required to deliver a successful project outcome. Knowledge, experience and the right expertise are key to ensuring that the work we deliver is optimized for maximum impact on efficiency and operational excellence. Whether you are looking to drive more value from your existing processes and systems or, would like to re-evaluate your business processes, our CCM industry consultants are on hand to guide you through the transformation.

Programme Delivery

Our expertise covers all aspects of Customer Communication Management transitions and transformation programmes including Business Process Re-engineering to Document Composition platform migrations. Innovation is part of the Transformation journey and so is integral at all stages in our processes.

Print & Customer Correspondence Audit

Our Audit will lead to significant reduction in costs, by revealing inefficiencies in printing, management of expensive printers, infrastructure and localised mailing costs. An additional focal point of the audit is to identify risks and issues in how data and branding is controlled to ensure the quality of communication conforms to high standards and benchmark, consistently.


Espire can also provide training services, to support clients who would prefer to create and manage their own content.

BI Analytics

Information readily available to enable a portfolio of metrics to be created. Data can also be integrated to existing reporting tools. We will be happy to discuss designing management dashboards and reporting systems that will help you to gain business insight from customer data.

Compliance Management

Transition from physical output to digital media requires new approaches and, Espire can help you make the transition where regulatory requirements must still be managed.


Innovation workshops focus on identifying areas of improvement and how your organization can match or lead with competitive advantage, among your peers, to improve your returns on investments, whether this is by increasing new business or introducing efficiencies.

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