Customer interaction is witnessing a fundamental shift, seeking a flawless and a clutter-free experience across every digital touch point. Capturing these countless interactions effectively throughout the customer journey is a well-known battle ground for businesses across the world.

Here at Espire, we leverage these customer moments to transform your digital touchpoints into powerful customer engagement platforms - empowering global businesses to build meaningful connections with the audience and a strong competitive edge. With over a decade’s experience in executing complex experience design projects, powered by our dedicated Centre of Excellence, we deliver inspiring and intelligent design solutions - optimizing customer journey, delivering compelling customer experience and maximizing cost efficiency for our clients.

Our methodology has always been a "user-first" approach, aligning user needs to a comprehensive UX strategy, providing customized end-to-end design and consulting solutions. We incorporate user cognitive findings into designing unique solutions for our clients. Through our UX best practices, we help you tell personalized stories for an engaging experience.

With this outlook, we also believe in the value of a seamless user experience practice within. That’s why, collaborating efficiently with our clients and stakeholders plays an integral part in our design process. With our dedicated virtual collaboration portal, communicating design solutions to clients not just saves time but enhances the overall operational productivity.


  • User research services : Our team of expert researchers work with companies around the globe to gain an in-depth insight into your users by analyzing their digital footprint through a disciplined and a scientific approach

    Our research methods

    • Heat maps help in studying user behavior by tracking clicks, scrolls and forms to improve the impact of design
    • Persona building by conducting interviews with a cluster of users to understand their behavior, attitude and lifestyle choice influencing their buying decision
    • Focus groups to validate your product with real user feedback and an opportunity to generate new ideas
    • Card Sorting addresses perception of your product, with users categorizing information related to your product into certain predefined buckets

  • UX design services : We believe in user centric design solutions - appealing to both usability and cognitive senses. Espire's large pool of designers work closely with stakeholders to ensure alignment with business goals along with exceeding user expectations. Our design philosophy is to provide modern responsive and self-service design solutions - adhering to brand guidelines - to fulfill the needs of the new age multi-channel generation

  • Our Interaction design methods

    • Story Boarding to narrate design concepts of user’s experience with the product in a pictorial format
    • Information Architecture creates an information framework organizing relevant information to meet user needs
    • Wireframes validate concept assumptions with stakeholders, with a low fidelity design framework that can be iterated until design solutions are finalized
    • User interface design is the manifestation of responsive and interactive user interfaces keeping in mind the user’s needs

    Our Visual design methods

    • Style guides are a smart way to implement cohesive user interface designs that aid in connecting design with development
    • Graphic art & assets are art deliverables selected by our creative team to implement design aesthetics into code
    • Mockups helps exploring visual design decisions, with stakeholders getting an opportunity to view a version of the product
  • Usability testing & evaluation services : We assist you in validating the product or your prototype with real users experiencing your design. This helps in discovering usability challenges or hindrances that the user faces while navigating through the product

    Our testing methods

    • Usability testing evaluates performance and functionality of your interface with actual target users under controlled conditions
    • Heuristic evaluation checks adherence to industry accepted usability principles, conducted by usability experts or specialists
  • UX development services : With our passion to create compelling experiences for users, we have developed extensive front end development capabilities encompassing various advanced technologies to build highly tangible, interactive and responsive interfaces

    Our team of highly skilled front end developer’s combat inefficiencies and long development cycles with the use of latest HTML frameworks such as bootstrap and foundation for quick templating of designs. We also leverage on various JavaScript frameworks for html binding and CSS coding to improve page loading time

    Another crucial element to our design and development process is adhering to W3C web standards, enabling cross platform compatibility and accessibility standards, providing content accessibility to users with any form of disability

  • UX consulting services : Our strategic consulting and advisory services power global companies to gain competitive edge through our unique UX strategies, delivering result oriented business outcomes. We have a dedicated center of excellence that outline the UX roadmap, after a thorough examination of your UX ecosystem, recommending improvements and defining your front end technology strategy
  • Personalized videos : We focus on personalizing experiences with smart and dynamic videos with multi device support and analytics capabilities. To drive user engagement, we partner with world class technologies like Doxee and Idomoo to build interactive rich videos
  • UX Centre of Excellence : Espire’s UX specialist practitioners are committed to helping enterprises gain a competitive advantage with their optimal design solutions, proof of concepts and UX business strategy
  • Team of UX and UI experts : Driven by passion for quality, our large pool of user researchers, interaction and visual designers, and front end developers have a proven track record in delivering superior value to clients

Espire's UX Approach

At Espire, we thrive on creating user experiences that are seamless, intuitive and engaging. We have assisted multinationals with our UX transformation process to design, build and deploy highly customized solutions for websites, portals and software applications to fulfill your digital experience goals.

Esperience Design

Tools and Technologies

Experience Design


  • Reduced overall operational and maintenance cost, maximizing your investment in user experience
  • Short development life cycle, ensuring quick and high quality interface to turn visitors into loyal customers with enhanced customer experience
  • Avoid costly redesigns in future, powered by our dedicated UX Centre of Excellence (CoE) along with our large pool of user researchers, interaction and visual designers, and front end developers that spearhead our future ready design solutions
  • Decrease bounce rates with our experts incorporating accurate insights in the design process
  • Fix UX bugs and issues with our usage analytics insight
  • Increase sales and conversions by addressing the needs of end users with our efficient research methodologies
  • Improve customer experience by engaging users in rich, interactive and error free interfaces
  • Improve credibility by creating positive brand associations