Customers value meaningful buying experiences. So how can a brand drive customer delight across every touchpoint? To deliver integrated and frictionless experience across the customer journey, bringing together disparate systems, channels and departments is a necessity.

Espire's game-changing Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) is a unique framework that bridges the gap between multiple customer engagement silos with a cross enterprise approach and provides enhanced customer experience. We provide an agile, collaborative and connected framework that leverages your technology ecosystem to intelligently arrange and orchestrate fragmented engagement systems and existing silos.


Espire's CEH is built by seamlessly integrating all key enablers of excellent CX. It includes the complete spectrum of digital and customer experience transformation solutions spanning digital content management (DCM), multi-channel customer communication management (MCCCM), customer journey mapping (CJM), experience design, analytics and CRM. Along with this, our complementary cloud and integration services ensure that CEH is agile and well-integrated with client's existing IT environment.

Espire's powerful Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) offering drives the complete spectrum of customer engagement with the following steps:

  • Re-engineer customer journey: Digital leaders need to focus and understand customers’ journeys that are greatly or negatively impacting overall CX. Hence rebuilding the components of customer journey, keeping in mind the technology environment is required to drive personalized engagements
  • Ensure cross enterprise approach to CX: The responsibility of CX lies with various functions like marketing, sales, customer service, and operations. For ensuring optimized CX, there needs to be a coherent collaboration between departments to fulfill the objective of CX
  • Embrace customer journey analytics (CJA): In order to optimize customer journey, analyzing customer behavior and preference across touchpoints with a data-driven approach is required
  • Identify the CEH elements and align them to your technology ecosystem: For a successful digital initiative implementation, understanding all the elements of CEH and choosing the right element that fits your technological landscape is critical
  • Accelerate digital integration: It is essential to ensure seamless connectivity between different channels enabling movement and distribution of data across disparate systems
  • Prepare for change management: It is essential for all stakeholders to be on the same page when the CEH project is underway, so as not to cause any disruption. Preparing all for change management is thus an essential prerequisite for successful CEH implementation. So, while planning for the “Big Change” (Gartner), it is essential to build a culture of Fluid change in the meanwhile
  • Set goals for business outcomes: Many CEH projects falter because of the lack of understanding about the true business outcomes or unrealistic or poorly managed expectations. Setting the goals beforehand while journaling the KPIs is essential


Customer Journey Mapping Services


With global expertise in digital and CX transformation, Espire's powerful customer engagement hub framework empowers businesses to differential themselves across the complex customer journey. We ensure you overcome technology and data fragmentation and power the business to have a transparent, real-time view of your customer's needs, wants and intent.