Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics services from Espire help organizations build resilience in the face of increasing competition and uncertainty. We ensure maximum return from critical assets by optimizing processes, mitigating risks and reducing downtime, in the process building a future-ready business model.

Reinforced with cloud, IoT and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Language (AI/ML) tools, we help businesses leverage data and insight to design intelligent strategies, forecast, adapt and respond to market demands and customer expectations.

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Our integrated Analytics services cover Diagnostic/Descriptive Analytics to AI/ML powered Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics offering industry specific expertise in diverse domains such as Utilities, Customer Communications Management, Insurance, Education and Manufacturing


Domain specific consulting, Business maturity assessment, Strategic roadmap


Diagnostic/Descriptive Analytics - Develop Bus Matrix, Business Process Elaboration, Conformed Dimension Model. Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics - Feature Engineering


Diagnostic/Descriptive Analytics - Component Analysis, Data Flow, Data Integration, Data Lake Development, Presentation Layer, Data Strategy & Governance Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics - Diversified Algorithms Models, What-if and sensitivity analysis, & A/B testing, Assess and Deploy Analytics Models


Text, image, video, sentiment analysis, threat detection, model reports, solution deployment


  • Customer Experience

    Anticipate what customers expect in near real-time with actionable insights

  • Market Demands

    Get ahead of competition with future ready products and services

  • Operational Efficiency

    Optimize processes, anticipate threats, demands and adapt with speed and agility

  • Mitigate Risks

    Identify threats to the business and take preventive actions, risk proof with compliance to regulatory changes


Implementation of an Efficient Customer Support System

The client is an engineering, sciences and project delivery firm, based in Australia. Client's operations are divided into four broad business units: Buildings & Infrastructure, Power & Energy, Mining & Metals and Water & Environment.

Establishing Accuracy and Transparency in the BI Reporting System

The client wasn’t satisfied with its existing BI reporting system. There was a strong business need for better transparency and precision in the methods used to generate reports.

Espire Optimizes Data Warehouse for Resolution of Data Overload Issues of a Global Engineering Conglomerate

Find out how Espire optimized data warehouse of an Australia based engineering major through a detailed and systematic plan

Espire Develops a Reporting Tool to Boost Operational Efficiency

Espire empowered the Client with a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence technologies that helped them maximize the value of their business data.

Designed a scalable Analytics and BI Platform for a leading UK-based Mutual Insurance Company

The client is a leading UK-based mutual insurance company, which provides general insurance products to the members of the trade union and other not-for-profit organizations. Due to the constraints of their existing legacy architecture, they were looking a modern web-based architecture which could seamlessly integrate with multiple in-house applications being used by their different departments.

How has the logistics industry reshaped in new normal and roadmap ahead

Logistics industry has been undergoing a rapid boom initiated by globalization and catapulted to new heights by new means of communication and rapid advancement in supply chain technologies. However, the new normal as we face today is shaping the logistics industry in newer ways.

Importance of ai strategy for brands in the post covid world

Tech-savvy customers, increasing digital demands, growth in digital purchases, need for speed to market and elevated customer expectations have made it crucial for brands to plan, devise and roll their AI strategy in the post COVID world scenario to both remain competitive and provide superior customer experience.

Technology trends disrupting insurance in the new normal and way forward

Content with legacy models, insurance leaders appeared as late adopters of the digital boom that has resurfaced with digital transformation and evolution of disruptive digital technologies- led by artificial intelligence, data analytics, predictive modelling, blockchain, Internet Of Things, intelligent automation and machine learning

Top challenges in claims management and revolutionizing claims outcomes

With the advent and rise of new digital technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intelligent Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), Sensors, Wearables, Drones and Data Analytics, insurance leaders are forced to transition to these digital technologies for collecting and analyzing data and meeting customer expectations.

Post covid19 world demands intelligent businesses empowered by ai and automation

As we move through and beyond the pandemic, we are certain to see continued deployment of artificial intelligence and automation technologies by global businesses to fast track the digital transformation of modern businesses for both agility and resilience. We will discuss here some of the key outcomes and trends as businesses become more intelligent- powered by AI and automation.




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