Today enterprises are baffled with large volumes of data distributed across various business functions and their ongoing struggle to harness it. Leveraging data the right way is key in taking your customer experience notches higher and gaining competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Espire Infolabs offers best in class data driven solutions leveraging our transformative Customer Engagement Hub framework in collaboration with our strategic partnerships to empower decision makers to effortlessly unlock enterprise data to study business patterns, predict risks and identify growth opportunities. We make it simple for business users to marry insights with credible business actions.

Our approach involves setting up a sustainable, scalable and cost-effective analytics environment for business leaders, managers and executives to easily extract decision-ready tactical, operational and strategic level intelligence.


  • Data Integration - Espire’s data integration solution combines and prepares data from disparate sources to help transform your complex data into actionable insights. We have extensive experience in implementing data integration solutions spanning master data management, ETL (extract, transform, load) and data quality management
  • Visual Analytics - Our endeavor is to help you build the entire story and gain a 360 degree view into your customers with modern, graphical visual ways that lets you see, explore and understand copious amounts of information within minutes. Espire’s visual analytics solutions facilitates a self-service environment that empowers users to uncover insights anytime anywhere using Power BI, Qlik or tableau
  • Web Analytics - With internet and mobile penetration growing at an unprecedented rate, connecting with todays cross device customers and creating the right customer experience is key for any business. Our web analytics services help in identifying and tracking the digital footprint of every user across all digital touchpoints. We focus on providing a user-friendly approach to access web intelligence with powerful dashboards that you can share with anyone at any time
  • Data Science and Machine Learning - At Espire, we have the expertise in big data tools and processes that ensures continuous intelligence using Espire’s fully integrated big data and data science solutions framework. Our blend of data science and machine learning specialists drive next-generation analytics resulting in advanced decision making, quickly and cost-effectively

Technologies / Tools:

BI, Analytics and Data Science


  • Deliver agile and fact-based decision making with powerful dashboards
  • Improve business productivity with optimization in costs and maximizing on ROI
  • Realize better alignment with business strategy and business goals
  • Seamless flow if information with stakeholders and cross functional teams
  • Get a holistic view of customer journey maps and customer intelligence through a single window
  • Self-serve dynamic reports within minutes, ensuring quick decision making
  • Enable answers and business solutions on the move from any device at any time