Digital-Ready Architecture: Legacy modernization, with best practices from UIA Insurance

Posted On : 07-Jun-2018

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Date : Thursday, 14th June 2018

Time: 9:00 AM (GMT)

One of the biggest challenges faced by insurance companies in their digital journey is transformation of their rapidly aging and complex legacy systems and data silos. There is a strong need to reimagine these outdated systems ensuring seamless integration across multiple channels. UIA Insurance, one of the UK's leading mutual insurers, achieved just that by modernizing their legacy systems and building reusable assets. But how does one modernize a pricing change process that takes 45 days to complete, to taking only 1 day today?

On June 14th at 9am GMT, catch Jason Reaney, IT Director UIA Mutual Insurance and Shariq Imam, Senior BDM at Espire Infolabs, and Jerome Bugnet, Client Architect at MuleSoft, discussing how UIA decoupled their architecture and digitized their customer journey. To learn about how you can accelerate your digital integration initiatives with Espire's Customer Engagement Hub framework and our MuleSoft offerings, click here.

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