In today’s increasingly customer-led market, personalized, seamless and lasting multi-channel customer communication is essential for ensuring customer delight across all industries. As a result, enterprises across all verticals - especially, telecom, insurance, financial services, government and retail - are seeking specialist services of strategic Document Outsourcing Service Bureaus.

Although this is opening up lot of opportunities for service bureaus, challenges linked to agility and scalability are hampering their growth story. Espire, a leading CX and digital experience transformation company, is solving this complex problem for all categories of document outsourcing service bureaus.

If you are a document outsourcing service bureau, you would fall into under one of the following categories:

  • Software and outsourcing provider who expanded business process outsourcing and enterprise management services to cover document outsourcing
  • Traditional printing company who is in the business of outsourcing services covering not only business from printing and transaction document but also business process services
  • Printer manufacturer who expanded its Managed Print Services (MPS) and Managed Content Services (MCS) to some of the Service Bureau categories such as archiving, capture, extraction, indexing and processing services, content asset management, document design and management, and on-site office services


Espire being a CX and digital transformation leader, having partnered with MCCCM technology leaders such as Pitney Bowes, Open Text, Quadient Software, Doxee and Messagepoint, is transforming the way document outsourcing service bureaus are building, delivering and managing batch, interactive and on-demand customer communication across multiple communication channels.

Espire’s Multi Channel Customer Communication Management span the complete communication lifecycle starting from pre-processing, document composition, post-processing, production set-up & post-production and communication delivery.

Espire's Comprehensive Offerings

Espire is a specialist in the complete spectrum of digital transformation, customer experience, application management and enterprise applications & infrastructure services.

Our aim is to enable businesses to maximize their current IT investments and encourage new investments towards infusing efficiency, intelligence and agility in the enterprise IT landscape, to tap emerging digital opportunities. Espire’s comprehensive offerings cover the following services: