Optimized data and content management with Azure-based solutions for a leading Singapore-headquartered transshipment hub

The customer's existing website was deployed on-premises and leveraged a WCM platform, Joomla. They required a strategic technology partner to carry out Azure migration and eliminate on-premise hosting environment. They also needed managed support services for monitoring website up-time and efficient incident management.

Implemented Opentext-based personalized communication management for a Singapore government-owned electricity & gas distribution company

The customer required a modern tech solution to deliver personalized communications to the customers. Espire deployed an OpenText-based personalized communication management platform to deliver impeccable omni-channel customer experience across all customer touchpoints including print, digital, email, sms channels etc.

Extended Total Experience Solutions for a leading Public University in Australia

The need was to streamline key business processes to improve both student and staff experiences. Espire deployed a total experience technology roadmap and built multiple solutions which included deploying modern digital workplace solutions for enhancing collaboration and improving staff and student experiences, designing a self-service portal for students to easily access and manage data and building a chatbot for effective issue resolution

Deployed Self-Service CCM Platform for a UK-based Energy Marketing & Trading Company

The need was to design an agile tech solution to deliver customer communications-at scale. Espire helped carry out Quadient Inspire migration for providing ​consistent brand experiences & designed a self-service CCM solution to drive seamless customer communication across all touchpoints​

Designed a digital platform to improve customer experience for a London-based agency

The need was to build a digital platform to improve CX & address overall branding and business needs. Espire helped design and implement an end-to-end digital platform that can address the overall branding and business needs, along with optimised web, mobile and social experiences on all devices to provide responsive, seamless & enhanced UX