Developed a web-based graphical interface to allow the client's customers have visual access to sea freight shipping information

Delivered a real-time web-based graphical display of vessel movements from key Asian ports to Sydney overlaid onto a background map

Setup multiple warehouse sites for 3PL clients

The need was to develop an agile tch solution for efficient warehouse management. Espire enabled end-to-end warehouse operations on the new sites including Inbound, Outbound and Stock management. We enhanced the development lifecycle with automation of releases and change deployment, which contributed in improving time to market

Carried out successful Integrations of Warehouse applications

The need was to integrate various warehouse applications to streamline business processes. Espire developed EDI and API-based Integration solutions, to enable seamless integration between disparate solutions and optimize key business functions and improve employee productivity

Production support of Warehouse applications

The customer required a strategic technology partner for production support. Espire extended production support of warehouse applications for critical and repetitive issues within agreed SLAs

Automation Testing of Warehouse solutions

The need was to carry out enhancements to fix multiple bottlenecks of the different warehouse solutions being leveraged. Espire designed and executed automation testing for number of warehouse solutions written in difference technology stacks- with coverage on security and performance to mitigate key business problems

4 Ways RPA is helping Logistics sector synchronize and orchestrate processes across functional silos

RPA has emerged as a go-to technology solution for brands to synchronize operational processes, reduce the dependence on manual labor and improve productivity. Brands in the logistics sector can achieve change improvements across business functions with RPA to bolster their time to market.

Driving tech innovation for logistics and supply chain industry to boost growth and sustainability

With the burgeoning growth of digitalization, businesses in the logistics sector are deploying state-of-the-art technologies like AI, IoT and Blockchain to streamline operations and drive impeccable customer experiences. Supply Chain Optimization helps brands leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver goods and services that are aligned with their unique customer needs, enabling them to derive process efficiency and greater profit margins.

How future ready technologies are helping the logistics sector maximize outcomes

The Covid-19 pandemic and movement restrictions have compelled the logistics industry to accelerate their digital investments for optimizing business processes and adopting new ways of working to increase staff efficiency. In this blog, we discuss how disruptive technology is helping brands mitigate key business challenges and fast-track growth.

Espires top 10 webinars for fy20 21 a win win for us our partners and customers

With FY20-21 in hindsight, in this blog, we share a list of Espire’s top 10 webinars from the past financial year that resulted in win-win for us, our partners and our clients!

How has the logistics industry reshaped in new normal and roadmap ahead

Logistics industry has been undergoing a rapid boom initiated by globalization and catapulted to new heights by new means of communication and rapid advancement in supply chain technologies. However, the new normal as we face today is shaping the logistics industry in newer ways.