Author : Manmath Rajput

Director - Experience Design

Manmath brings with himself over 18 years of experience in UX research, innovation, design and user experience management. At Espire, Manmath, has been solving UX problems via user experience (UX) design & interaction design to bring minimalistic UI Design for our prospective clients. Specializing in UI / UX design, he has a wide experience to work with a variety of clients over different disciplines of art and design.

Investing in a good UX is imperative to improve brand perception, retain users and ultimately increase revenue. Now that we know the essence of a good user experience, below are ways a bad UX can ruin your business.

Design principles are so fascinating that they are used as guiding points for business transformation. As a result, the term "business design" has emerged, which is the application of design thinking to companies. Although the design approach is very important, not all companies adopt it

When a client in trouble comes to a UX designer or agency, most designers jump directly to solutions. This often lands up in a complex mess of the whole problem. It is here UX Research that comes to rescue. From secret shoppers to website evaluators, there is research on user experience (UX) to solve problems.

User experience design is important because it tries to meet the exact needs of your user- an exceptional personalized customer experience. It aims at providing positive experiences for your customers to maintain brand loyalty and user engagement

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