Author : Anand Singh Bhandari

Director - Business Analytics

Anand heads the Business Intelligence practice for Espire, playing the lead role in establishing best practices and our roadmap for a robust BI practice. He ensures development and implementation of frameworks for rapid project deployment and capability enhancements in the group.

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, it has become increasingly reliant on data to perform a range of tasks, from image recognition to natural language processing. However, with concerns around data privacy and the difficulty of obtaining quality data sets, synthetic data has emerged as a potential solution to these issues. In this article, we will explore the concept of synthetic data and its potential applications in AI.

Data analytics is becoming increasingly important for businesses, and one of its most powerful applications is in management by exception. By leveraging the power of data analytics, you can gain insight into how your business is performing and where it needs improvement.

Creating a customer-centric digital marketing strategy that accurately targets and addresses your customers’ needs is essential for any business. However, this can be challenging when you lack the right tools and data to help you do it. In this article, we’ll be focusing on how you can use data analytics in your digital marketing efforts to acquire new customers and retain current ones.

The tech-savvy customers of today expect their issues to be resolved with a tap of a button. As a response to this rising need of the customers, most enterprises are turning towards chatbots and deploying conversational AI to address the queries of the customers. Such self- service customer portals improve customer experience and service efficiency

Tech-savvy customers, increasing digital demands, growth in digital purchases, need for speed to market and elevated customer expectations have made it crucial for brands to plan, devise and roll their AI strategy in the post COVID world scenario to both remain competitive and provide superior customer experience.

As we move through and beyond the pandemic, we are certain to see continued deployment of artificial intelligence and automation technologies by global businesses to fast track the digital transformation of modern businesses for both agility and resilience. We will discuss here some of the key outcomes and trends as businesses become more intelligent- powered by AI and automation.

COVID-19 crisis has brought in the dawn of ‘new normal’ for businesses as there is a conspicuous shift from physical to digital. Although, digital transformation was in vogue and business leaders and top brands had all shifted to digital, but Covid-19 crisis has acted as the catalyst to accelerate this transformation (from physical to digital).

Business leaders had increasingly embraced advanced analytics and artificial intelligence for good reasons and these two together are expected to result in an annual economic value of up to $15.4 trillion in times to come. Analytics, AI and Machine Learning are poised to be the key digital accelerators that will help brand sail in the turbulent times of the new normal

Artificial intelligence with its multi-faceted functionalities including machine learning, natural language processing, intelligent process automation, text analytics, audio, video and image analysis has huge potential to transform the way insurers deliver services and offer superior digital experiences to customers

Gartner in its recent report has listed the top ten technology trends in 2020 that will drive new innovations and disruptions in the industry to create long-lasting opportunities for brands in the upcoming years

Gartner in its recent report has listed the top ten technology trends in 2020 that will drive new innovations and disruptions in the industry to create long-lasting opportunities for brands in the upcoming years

It’s an exciting time for companies for leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence to achieve in-depth insights for making well informed and large-scale decision making and process optimization

We are witnessing an era where customers with short attention spans demand intuitive and effortless customer experience. In this scenario, chatbots have arrived as the right solution for brands to satisfy the demands of customers for exclusive and personalized attention with round the clock availability

Behind this science-fiction buzzword hides just a regular computer program configured to automate certain tasks, help customers by providing predefined answers to some frequently asked questions, dealing with some of the fundamental problems they face

In this fast-paced world, competitive differentiation is all about providing the best possible experience at every step of the customer journey. There is no doubt that time is running out for those who still doubt the impact of work on the use of chatbots to lead these trips. After all, it is the world of robotics.

AI & ML is here to stay and be a part of our daily lives. Espire has been seamlessly transforming the customer experience of our client through our robust customer engagement hub with full-proof DXM and WCM solutions.

A chatbot helps your customers to communicate with you for new services, service queries or grievance redressal etc. The platform could be your website, mobile applications or skype and other messengers and communication platforms like Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and even Alexa

While we do not have human-looking robots that interact with us on a daily basis as in those films, we interact with a similar technology without a face every day and this technology is referred to as Artificial Intelligence

A chatbot is a multi-tasking solution which saves a user from the hassle of using multiple platforms to perform a set of tasks like selecting a restaurant, booking a reservation and adding an event into the calendar

Modern technological advancement and consequent rise of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big data analytics and augmented reality are helping companies to provide experiences to customer that delights them and keeps them loyal

AI helps you do more than just collect and handle customer feedback. It helps you to go ahead and create unique experiences for each client, based on his past behavior and data

Big Data Analytics is the key component for banking sector and its adoption into the existing workflow is one of the key elements for prevailing and surviving in the rapidly evolving business environment

How can such customer experience strategy be measured? With the development and evolution of digital technology customer experience analytics is used to better understand customer behavior and successful implementation of customer experience strategy.

Presently companies study their client’s information received at their end and not on real time basis. A real time information gives an edge to the insurer by saving money that would have otherwise been spent on expensive assessments and audits.

Getting the right audience at the right time with the right message is essential to drive relevant participation and meaningful communication. To achieve this, your marketeers need to align their campaigns along data rich trajectory, understand the various user

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