IT Infrastructure Managed Services

With the increasingly competitive business environments that we operate in, it becomes imperative to migrate, standardize and effectively manage the whole IT environment within an organization.

At Espire, we design and build an innovative IT environment that will meet the rapidly evolving needs of a global and virtual workplace. Our IT Infrastructure Services encompass the whole life cycle of IT environment management starting with consulting services, core IT managed services and system integration.

Espire's IT Infrastructure Management Services

  • Consulting Services - help assess and evaluate your IT Infrastructure to improve your business to IT alignment
  • Managed Core IT Services - optimize and manage IT infrastructure environment with global delivery models, best ITIL practices and frameworks and 24x7x365 support
  • Systems Integration Services - ensures complete visibility into your applications, network architecture, and security and compliance concerns in order to effectively manage a dynamic and modern IT Infrastructure
  • Performance Monitoring - manage the performance, availability and capacity of critical applications and provide quality user experience

Service Approach

We understand the critical Hybrid IT environment and have the capability to achieve successful business outcomes with our cost effective and efficient managed services.

Our consultants help clients with superior service delivery aligned to your business needs with our proven global delivery models and unique tools and automation framework.

Business Benefits

  • Automate IT infrastructure and help reduce errors associated with manual tasks
  • Ensure consistent performance and increase security
  • Optimized costs by using hybrid delivery model
  • Improve performance and enhance availability
  • Align business and IT value to provide efficient operations for stakeholders
  • Reduced downtime and risk
  • Increase agility and accelerate IT innovation