In a distributed infrastructure, where each department or division requires different set of support applications, there arise a need to ensure centralized administration and optimize software installations with reduced TCO.

Espire's services allow centralized deployment in enterprises and enable consistent installation, upgrades of software on end user system.

Package Management Approach

  • Gather information about the existing enterprise application environment
  • Identify applications that must be packaged
  • Gathering information about the application’s source files, procedures, configuration, technical dependencies, and test scripts
  • Evaluate & plan package deployment
  • Deploy the application package
  • Collection of application details and providing consolidated report on progress covering all the applications in use

Business Benefits

  • Save cost through automated re-installation process
  • Automated and centralized administration
  • Conflict management between packages
  • Lower TCO
  • Centralized deployment
  • Ensure adherence to standards