Network and Server Management

Enterprises demand for better control over their existing infrastructure with high performance servers and reduced energy consumption and costs.

Espire supports organizations with well-managed and secured infrastructure; providing effective and stable network performance of their IT systems.

Whether you are looking for network security management or disaster recovery or consolidation of your existing server environment, Espire manages your IT operations and keep your business up, while improving system stability and availability. We ensure that your IT investments are delivering the efficient results as promised.

Our Services

  • Network Design Implementation & Support - Encompasses all activities, Assessment of Network Infrastructure, Routing, Load Balancing, WAN Optimization Solutions, VLAN Design and Management, VPN and Remote Connectivity Setup and Configuration
  • User Management - Create and manage user account; support Password Reset and Privilege Access
  • Print Management - Enable to create, modify, delete print queue and help to troubleshoot printer related issues
  • NFS Management - NFS server, client setup; troubleshooting NFS related issues
  • Patch/Package Management - Threat and Vulnerability Assessment that includes patch testing, deployment, fall-back, package installation or uninstallation, resolving issues immediately
  • File System and Storage Management - Planning Information Security activities, file systems creation, removal, extend, shrink, reduced redundancy, faulty disk replacement, HBA firmware up-gradation
  • Virtualization - Includes creation and administration of Solaris Zones and VMware VMs(Linux), Managing hardware and software resources for virtual servers, troubleshoot issues related to LDOMs, zones and VMs
  • Server Monitoring and Management - Detecting and troubleshooting bottle-necks, pro-active monitoring using customized script and monitoring tools, server management
  • Disaster Recovery - Setting up backup environment for recovery, restoring application data, assist apps /DB team on issues related to apps /db recovery, configuration restore, global clustering testing
  • Asset Management - Real-time hardware or software asset management, including real time inventory

Business Benefits

  • Proactively monitor and manage network issues
  • Minimize down time
  • Optimize resource utilization
  • Quick ROI and lower TCO
  • Increase productivity of IT staff
  • Automated notifications improve productivity
  • Real time performance management
  • Immediate resolution of problems through quick event processing