Centralized Computing

Centralized IT system has become the necessity for businesses to manage their infrastructure and IT operations. Espire's centralized computing solutions addresses the customer's business needs and resolves data integrity and security obstacles of IT systems.

We at Espire, deliver optimal centralized computing solutions that reduce expenses, harden security and improve reliability and data integrity.

Service Offerings

  • Network and Security Management - Manage IT operations and provide 24X7 support
  • Server Management - Speed up server response and prevent downtime while protecting data with automated backups and software updates
  • Patch Management - Helps to resolve system vulnerabilities with periodic updates
  • Centralization Services - Helps you relocate existing servers
  • Physical Consolidation Services - Replaces smaller servers with more powerful servers
  • Data Integration Services - Helps to integrate data into a single repository
  • Application Integration Services - Migration of applications to a new platform, third party application integration services

Service Approach

  • Gather Business and Technical Requirements
  • Create Software & Hardware Inventory
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Design Implementation including Disaster Management
  • Infrastructure Design (network, files and print servers)
  • Capacity Planning and Security Planning
  • Migration Methodology
  • Managed Support

Business Benefits

  • Lower IT operating costs
  • Hardened security and simplified management
  • Higher availability with an ease to access information at the same time from the same location
  • Backup and easy data recovery
  • Maximized data integrity, reduced data redundancy
  • Easier data portability and database administration
  • Minimized maintenance costs
  • Facilitate better co-ordination among multiple operations


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