MCCCM Platform

Espire has extensive capabilities in Customer Communication Management, providing solutions to the print and customer communications industry, across the globe, and have helped many of our customers overcome challenges they face in the various stages of their communications strategy, such as Pre-Processing, Document Composition, Post-Processing, Production Set-Up & Post-Production and Communication Delivery.

We have developed deep expertise in Customer Communication, employing solutions from leading providers such as Pitney Bowes, OpenText, GMC, Doxee and Messagepoint.

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Pitney Bowes Offerings

"Strategic partnership with Pitney Bowes specializes us to transform and enhance customer experience by creating, printing & delivering critical documents across multi-channel "

Services using Pitney Bowes

  • Document Composition : Create one-to-one dynamic customer communications for multi-channel delivery
  • Data access, Data quality and Address management : Manage customer data and addresses
  • Campaign Management : Contact strategy and Email & marketing Automation
  • Customer & Marketing Analytics : Optimize marketing strategies and increase sales
  • Print & Mail Production : Integrate Pitney Bowes innovative output management and ADF solutions to create print and mail production facility
  • Communication Management : Easily create and centrally control all the customer communications, including transactional, on-demand and interactive documents, and delivered in virtually any media, including print, fax, web, email or SMS

OpenText Exstream Offerings

"Multi-channel customer communications management integral partners, provide deeply integrated OpenText Exstream solutions designed to make customer interactions more profitable"

Services using OpenText Exstream

  • Application Consolidator : Merging the application to save on postage and systematic segregation of delivery per customer
  • Communication Management : Inbound & outbound
  • Campaign Management : Enabling campaigns for business specific requirements
  • Remote Collaboration : Dialogue anywhere & whitespace management
  • Interactive / On Demand : Dialogue Live, creation of DLF output, workflow management, interactive communication
  • Multi-channel Output :SMS, e-mail, print, PDF, mobile and social media

GMC Offerings

"Partnership with GMC enables us to deliver better customer engagement and improve the digital experience across multiple channels"

Services using GMC

  • Customer Insights : Integration with enterprise systems like CRM, ERP etc. , Web integration for social networking user profile and trends, forecasting & advanced customer analytics
  • Multi-channel Production & Customer Communications : SMS, e-mail, print, fax, RSS and web presentment, multi-channel delivery, publish on demand & online approval and postal optimization, Inspire hybrid mail & direct marketing, brand management portals & web-to-print and dynamic statement solutions and social media integration
  • Response Management : Measure and evaluate customer responses through multiple channels, continue the customer conversation and refine digital & print communications
  • Process Management & Automation : Risk reduction and error elimination, automatic archival, storage & retrieval and automated document factories solution

Doxee Offerings

PaaS Digital Transformation Of Enterprise Multi-Channel Customer Communications

As a global Doxee partner, we specialise in providing cloud based managed services for delivery of high volume multi-channel customer communications using the unique Doxee Enterprise CCM cloud platform. We help customers efficiently manage their whole CCM lifecycle, leading to better engagement with their customers. Our solutions will ensure excellent customer experience for your clients, with a fully auditable set of controls, to support current and future customer communication requirements. Our key success metrics is to help our clients engage, retain and grow their customers base and we support these initiatives by bringing innovation opportunities, in combination with our lean delivery processes that deliver cost-optimised efficient CCM services

Doxee Managed Services

  • Fulfilment Management
  • Change Management
  • Support

Doxee Consulting Services

  • Programme Delivery
  • Print & Customer Correspondence Audit
  • Training
  • BI Analytics
  • Compliance Management
  • Innovation

Doxee MCCCM Solutions

  • Managed "Platform as a Service" CCM with Multi Channel delivery
  • Interactive Document Production
  • On-Premise CCM Platform
  • Hybrid Mail
  • Direct Marketing Campaign

Messagepoint Offerings

"The partnership with Messagepoint makes it easier to deliver personalized content to who we want and when we want, quickly and easily"

Services using Messagepoint

  • Enterprise Message Management : Enable business users to create, test and approve messaging content across print and digital channels without requiring IT
  • Advanced personalization and targeting : Leverage customer data to add personalization and relevance to multi-channel customer communications
  • Omni-channel integration : Integration with existing print composition and digital delivery systems
  • Workflow and collaboration : Configurable approval workflow, including email notification and workgroup support
  • Fillable forms : Create and publish fillable PDF forms, with content managed within Messagepoint
  • Messagepoint Connected : Delivery system independent batch and on-demand document requests and customizable document ordering