Doxee Offerings

Cloud Based Managed Services For Customer Communications Management

Doxee Managed Services | Doxee Consulting Services | Doxee MCCCM Solutions

  • Designed To Address Your Precise Business Requirements
  • Pay For Only What You Consume, With Flexible Offerings for Your On-Demand, Interactive and Batch Communications
  • eDox Interactive Statements and Personalized Videos to drive better Customer Engagement
  • No More License and Administration Overheads To Worry About
  • End to End CCM - Consulting, Managed Services, Solutions
  • Data Transformation | Document & Communication Composition | Print & Output Management | Multi-Channel Delivery | Reporting & Analytics and more
  • Innovative PaaS Multi-Channel CCM Enterprise Solution
  • Ensure Personalised, Multi-Channel Delivery of Communications
  • Extract Insight From Analytics - Web, Social & Mobile

A Sample eDox Interactive Statement

Interactive Statements

A Sample Personalized Video

Personalized Video

Banking Personalized Video

Banking Personalized Video