Digital Content Management

Espire's digital content management solutions are designed with the end user in mind. Our aim is to give you the control to manage your online content, and build highly intuitive user & digital experiences and interactions across all digital channels.

The DCM solutions from Espire, uses pre-integrated components, to help organize and manage content workflow, enhance productivity & brand value, improve communications, speed up time to market and reduce costs by addressing the challenges.

  • Manage and Optimize your Digital Content Experience (Globalize, Localize, Personalize)
  • Efficient and Swift Site Deployment
  • Consolidate Multiple Web Sites with Dynamic Digital Content Management
  • Multi-Channel Customer Outreach, by Extending Digital Experience to All Customer Touch Points
  • Integration with Social Media Tools
  • Extract Insight from Analytics - Web, Social & Mobile
  • Extend Your Web Experience to Mobile Devices
  • Extensions to Manage Marketing Campaigns and E-Commerce
  • Helps to Differentiate your Brands by Providing Effortless Engagement

Our DCM Platform Expertise

We have developed deep expertise in Content Management, employing solutions from leading providers such as Sitecore, SDL & MS SharePoint. Customers looking to reduce their TCO, benefit from solutions we build in open source such as Drupal and Umbraco

DCM Platform

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Service Offerings

Espire’s DCM solution enables more engaging digital experiences by focusing on the following components:

  • Web Portals : Espire has deep expertise in developing and managing web & e-commerce portals and microsites by employing solutions from our strategic partners including Sitecore, SDL and MS SharePoint Customers looking to reduce their TCO benefit from solutions that we build in open source tools such as Drupal and Umbraco. We focus on building and fulfilling customer experiences by incorporating best practices in Experience Design & Responsive site design. Our specialization in Responsive Web Design (RWD) ensures a device and platform agnostic experience for Customers.
  • Mobility : Our solution helps to collaborate and optimize content across mobile devices. Our capabilities are built on providing user experience design services and accelerating cross-platform mobile application development, testing & maintenance services and incorporating managed services on all major mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows 7 and Symbian.
  • Social : Social collaboration helps your business to grow in a unique way. Our solution integrates well with social media for engaged and connected workforce and customers. From analysis and optimization to business integration, our customer centric approach helps to deliver business efficiencies & consistent user experience and empower the value of social media and collaboration.
  • Campaigns : Our customer centric digital content management solution helps to strategize, implement and launch campaigns across digital channels.
  • Analytics : Maximize your customer experience by capturing and analyzing the customer interaction data and converting to insights. Use this customer intelligence and detailed segmentation of your marketing channels to analyze future business strategy.

We offer core DCM solutions and services including DCM implementation, consulting, migration, mobility solutions, social media integration, web analytics, search integration across various technologies and more to make us your ideal IT partner.

Integrated Offerings From Espire

  • Digital Strategy & Consulting : Assessment of current strategy, technology and future roadmap
  • Web Design, Development, Testing & Deployment : Development of end-to-end Solutions with CRM, ERP & Ecommerce integration
  • Content Migrations : Migration from one tool (Sitecore, SharePoint, SDL, Drupal & Umbraco) to another tool on a different technology or platform
  • Version Upgrades : From current version to latest version with minimal impact on current functionality
  • Managed Support Services : L1, L2 & L3 managed support, on-demand services and change management requests
  • Cloud Deployment

Service Approach

With the aim of improving the internal process and offering customized solutions to the clients, our service approach is to embrace collaborative working. Nowadays, ‘COLLABORATION’ an overvalued buzzword is vital for business life. Our collaborative business models provide an expanded portfolio with customized solutions to help technology providers and partners create even greater value of their customers.

Our DCM services focus at the nexus of three areas: Integration of content, communications platform, and social competencies. Seamlessly, our innovative and collaborative approach across geographies has helped organize and manage content workflow, enhance productivity, improve communications and reduce costs by addressing the challenges.

Business Values Addressed

  • Self-contained core teams of DCM specialists
  • DCM knowledge base and frameworks to aid in project execution
  • Strategic alliances with key technology vendors
  • Concept center for quick proofs-of-concepts/customization and technical experiments