Recruitment Technology & Social Media Conference | 13th October 2016 | London

Posted On : 15-Sep-2016

Recruitment industry is relationship-driven. To nurture long-term relationships with Clients and Candidates and build a strong brand loyalty, implementing best-of-breed recruitment technology solutions is not enough. It is important to ensure that whenever Clients are Candidates interact with your business - through any communication channel of their choice - they receive personalised, consistent and exceptional customer experience.

Anything less than excellent customer experience is not acceptable by digital customers who don’t think twice before switching loyalties for better services.

Understanding this, global recruitment businesses are looking out for innovative Client and Candidate Experience Management Technologies that can give them a strong competitive edge. What they are currently struggling with is, evaluating and identifying just the right technology solutions that not only suit their unique business goals but also align well with their existing legacy system.

To find answers to this industry-wide business problem, Recruitment Technology & Social Media Conference 2016 is set to bring global recruitment businesses and recruitment technology solution providers under one roof. To be held on 13th October 2016 in London, UK, the Conference aims to enrich recruiters to take profitability to the next level, by letting them experience a range of latest recruitment technology solutions, attend interesting keynote sessions, free workshops and access independent experts.

Espire Infolabs, the global digital experience transformation company is a key sponsor of Recruitment Technology & Social Media Conference. Here, we would be showcasing our innovative Client and Candidate Experience Management Technology Solutions, such as:

  • Digital Transformation Technologies to deliver exceptional Candidate and Client Experiences across multiple channels (website, mobile, social and print) by leveraging best in class Digital Content Management solutions.
  • Recruitment Application Services covering support, development and enhancements of bespoke or packaged software including CRM, Vendor Management Solutions, among others.
  • Mobile Application Development and its integration with other portals or applications to seamlessly connect recruiters with their Candidates and Clients.
  • Technology Solutions and Services including Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure & Security Management, Data Management and Testing Services.
  • End-to-End Technology Consulting and System Integration Services

At the Conference, we would be showcasing how our Client and Candidate Experience Management Technology Solutions are enabling global Recruitment businesses to enhance their brand value, respond quickly to strategic market developments, expand their business and improve profit margins, while efficiently serving and nurturing their existing Clients and Candidates.

Are you a recruiter who wants to know how Client and Candidate Experience Management Technologies can transform your business?

All you have to do is to connect with our experts at the Conference!

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