CMO Summit 2016 | 15th-17th Aug | Queensland, Australia

Posted On : 05-Aug-2016

We live in the age of digital customers who want to be able to engage with the business anytime, anywhere, through their favorite communication channels. They also expect to be served in a personalised and contextual manner. Catching up with the evolving customer experience needs and constantly serving them with compelling, personalised and seamless experience is putting tremendous pressure on the businesses worldwide to revamp their digital strategies.

Digital Strategy Innovation Summit, London 2016 brings together Digital Strategy Leaders across the globe under one roof to nail actionable digital experience transformation solutions that can solve such complex, new age digital strategy challenges. To be held on 19th and 20th October 2016 at ExCel London, the theme of the Summit spans strategic disruption within digital, content strategy to expand digital reach, digital revenue strategy and significance of tracking digital behaviours to drive an innovative, revenue generating digital strategy.

Espire Infolabs, the global digital experience transformation company is a key sponsor of Digital Strategy Innovation Summit. Here Espire would be showcasing how it is empowering global businesses with innovative digital experience solutions, through the combined power of Digital Content Management (DCM) and Multi-Channel Customer Communication Management (MCCCM). These solutions ensure that global businesses deliver consistent, personalised and connected customer experiences during multi-channel digital interactions.

Espire's DCM expertise includes its innovative digital experience solutions delivered across multiple channels (websites, mobile, social and print). These solutions are empowering businesses to speed up their time to market and enhance their brand value by globalizing, localizing and personalizing brand’s experience across all digital touch-points.

With Espire’s MCCCM solutions, businesses are reinventing delivery of their high volume on-demand, interactive, personalized and transactional multi-channel customer communications. Espire also offers mobile & cloud enablement and also managed support for all its DCM and MCCCM services.

To gather insights on how Espire's digital experience transformation solutions can strengthen your digital strategies and increase revenue opportunities, schedule a meeting with our experts at the Digital Strategy Innovation Summit by writing to us at