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Mantras for Insurers to Build

Strong Brand Loyalty Among Digital Customers

Unveiling secrets to become the preferred insurer of digital customers by leveraging the power of personalised, interactive and contextual customer communication.

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Say hello to your digital customer!

Unlike baby boomers, millennials do not choose an insurance product just because of loyalty based on family legacy or because it’s the best product in the market.

They are connected, digital customers who demand more than just great insurance products.

What do digital customers
demand from insurers?


Multi-Channel Customer Experience Excellence

Ability to easily connect and engage with the Insurer anytime, anywhere over preferred communication channels (print, email, SMS, web or self-service applications) through any computing device.

Tailored Customer Communication

Well, digital customers are also infamous for demanding instant gratification when it comes to Customer Experience. If insurers cannot ‘delight’ their digital customers every single time, they would not think twice before switching loyalties. This evolved consumer behavior is putting immense pressure on the insurance businesses to evolve fast, or perish.

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How Smart Insurers Win Millennial's Loyalty

By Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience to Digital Customers and Delighting Them Every Single Time!

Customers are not treated as
‘just another transaction’

Every time customers interact with the brand through their preferred communication channels, they get to have a ‘real’ conversation with the insurer, enriched with high quality, personalised customer communication and exceptional brand experience.


Customer engagements are
monetised strategically

Customers are not inundated with bulk promotional messages. Instead, smart insurers understand every policy holder, their unique existing and possible future insurance needs. Armed with personalised communication, they intelligently influence customers’ purchase behaviors, upsell and cross-sell at just the right time based on their unique needs.


Wondering what technology drives such powerful strategies?




Using MCCCM leading insurance businesses have transformed their CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION and CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE into a strong competitive edge.

Moving beyond boring transactional communication formats and mass promotional messages, they are now delivering to the digital customers:


Structured, interactive & on-demand communications in customer preferred formats - HTML, PDF, SMS etc.


Multi-channel communications, be it over web, mobile devices, tablets and more.


Personalised, localised and targeted promotions and campaign management.


Enhanced customer experience by tapping powerful customer analytics run across mobile, web and social.

Gartner on why digital experience leaders should tap the power of MCCCM¹

quoatationIT and application leaders in charge of digital experiences are looking for tools to communicate with and engage customers (and constituents) in a more holistic fashion in order to increase personalisation and two-way communication. To support a digital business environment, they should look to Customer Communication Management (CCM) providers that enable software to go beyond known customer information by incorporating information from the web and mobile devices into instantaneous, context-enriched communications.quotation

Source of 1 : Gartner Research Report “Three Steps to Enrich the Customer Experience With Contextualized Communications”
Published: 26 August 2016

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Cutting the Chaos:
Interactive & Personalised Communication

Digital customers hate spam mails. Personalised & interactive documents and videos are powerful next generation customer communication tools to cut through the clutter and intelligently influence digital customer’s purchase decisions.


Personalised Interactive Document

Personalised interactive document is rich with information . It has intuitive website-like interface, with interactive charts, tables, URLs and call to actions which can be further drilled down for specific information. Leverage this medium to upsell or cross-sell solutions in a highly engaging format.

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Gartner on Interactive Communication²

In the past, Customer Communication Management (CCM) was just about disseminating information, in print format, for example, or by attaching a .pdf file to an email with an address such as Today, given the increasing and long-awaited focus on customer satisfaction and other tangible, higher-level business outcomes, such email communications are being replaced by interactive communications.


Personalised Interactive Videos

Leverage personalised videos to deliver a range of descriptive communication in a highly interactive format. Not only does this lead to customer delight, but also results in steep drop in call center volumes, translating into significant cost savings.

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Gartner on Personalised Videos³

Consider using rich media, especially video, as means of communication. For example, a homeowner might well find it easier to understand what her house insurance policy covers by viewing a short, personalised video, rather than reading a policy document full of legal terms and jargon.

Espire Infolabs has extensive experience in enabling insurance businesses across the globe to reinvent delivery of their high volume, on-demand or transactional customer communications with the power of innovative, personalised interactive documents and video solutions. These solutions are a part of Espire’s MCCCM offerings that are tightly integrated with enterprise applications, social media channels and powerful analytics.

Source of ² and ³ : Gartner Research Report “Three Steps to Enrich the Customer Experience With Contextualized Communications”
Published: 26 August 2016

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Let’s Bust a Myth now!

Do you see value in MCCCM? But think that identifying the right technology and implementing it would be cumbersome, costly and complex?

Well, all this is just a MYTH!

If you have the right technology partner, strategic revamp of your customer communication strategy can happen in no time!

Introducing You to the Trusted Technology Partner of Global Insurers - Espire Infolabs

Espire, the Digital Experience Transformation Company has been empowering Insurance businesses world-wide to become highly profitable by enabling delivery of compelling customer experience through personalised Multi-Channel Customer Communication (MCCCM) solutions.

Our extensive capabilities in MCCCM have helped many of our Clients overcome challenges they face in various stages of their customer communications strategy, such as Pre-Processing, Document Composition, Post-Processing, Production Set-Up & Post-Production and Communication Delivery.


Espire’s Global MCCCM Partners

Espire’s global partnerships with leading providers of MCCCM technologies lets us offer cutting edge on-premise or cloud MCCCM solutions that are tailored for the specific requirements of Insurance Clients.

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Espire’s Value Proposition for Insurers

Partner with us to transform the technology backbone powering your customer communication strategy. Ensure customer delight by offering compelling multi-channel customer experiences and personalised & interactive customer communication. Build strong brand loyalty, upsell & cross-sell effectively, accelerate customer acquisition and evolve into digital customers’ preferred insurer!

How are we different from other technology solution providers?


We don’t just speak technology

We understand your business too. Espire’s MCCCM technologies have been powering Customer Experience and Customer Communication Strategies of Insurers worldwide.


An MCCCM Center of Excellence (CoE)

dedicated to research around innovative MCCCM solutions specifically for insurance industry.


Ability to Action Things Quickly

being a highly focused, nimble and global mid-size technology company with offices in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Development Centers in India.


Adherence to high quality standards

with Espire being one of the few technology companies globally that is SEI CMMI Level 5 Ver 1.3 (Dev + SVC) Appraised, ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2008 Certified and ITIL & ISO 20000 Compliant.


Agile Development Methodologies

coupled with large repositories of re-usable components, shortening project delivery time and enable cost optimisation.

About us

Espire Infolabs is a global technology company empowering businesses to drive growth and customer engagement with exceptional digital experience solutions through digital content management, multi-channel customer communication management, enterprise applications and IT infrastructure solutions. It is a SEI CMMI Level 5 Ver 1.3 (Dev + SVC) Appraised, ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2008 Certified and ITIL & ISO 20000 Compliant Company. Espire Infolabs has offices in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Development Centers in India.

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