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Maximizing Marketing Outcome for a Leading University with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Business Need

The client needed a comprehensive marketing platform that would allow to send personalised and to effectively communicate with Parents and send them information which is more relevant for them. Client wanted to automate most of the marketing activities which can assist marketing team to engage effectively and to enrich user experience for Parents as they will receive relevant information.

Espire's Solution

Assessment : We first analysed client’s existing marketing outreach campaigns, bottlenecks and inefficiencies. The objective was to create a holistic communication strategy.

Approach : After thorough analysis of client’s business requirements, Espire recommended:

  • For empowering Marketing & Communication Team, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Business Benefits

  • Ability to plan, personalize and optimise customer journey across all brand touchpoints
  • Guiding parents on their 1-to-1 journeys with the brand, the way marketers envision it
  • Automated marketing functions to deliver the right message at the right time across channels and devices, at any scale
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