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    Personalization : The new game changer with Sitecore and Salesforce

    Brands can no more rely simply on content development and search engine rankings with cut throat competition and more than ever demanding customers

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    CX trends to watch for in 2019

    Customers of today are seeking more meaningful and personalized conversations with brands

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    Robotic Process Automation

    The process by which businesses can train robots or computer software to emulate and routine or repetitive responses generally given by employees into higher ROI and time efficacy

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Yatender Sharma

CoE - Testing

Yatender Sharma heads the Testing Services at Espire. He have extensive hands-on experience in Testing Services (Sales & Pre-Sales), Testing Delivery Management, Transformation for outcome based Managed Testing Services engagements, Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) covering technical and business testing for Financial Services, Telecom, Insurance, Recruitment and Healthcare sectors.

He possesses rich experience of Test Strategy & Planning, Technical Transformation, Test Maturity Assessments, Operating Model Transformation, TCoE Setup, Testing as a Service (TaaS), Digital Transformation Testing, Mobile Testing, Enterprise Test Data Management, Test Environment Management, Service Virtualization, Agile Testing, DevOps, Test Automation and Non Functional Testing.

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Dec 2018

How and where to start penetration testing

Posted by Yatender Sharma| Testing

Penetration testing helps simulate behavior of a hacker through "White Hat" personnel, who injects malicious load or traffic into the system under test - to expose the vulnerabilities so that these observed vulnerabilities are resolved. This helps us to make

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